Advanced Menu Builder

The most advanced and versatile menu system available

YQme has the most advanced and versatile menu system available, handling simple and complex menus with ease. The Menu Builder makes changing prices, adding new menu items and updating your daily specials about as easy as it gets.

Handles even the most complex menus

Pizza with half Meat-lovers, half Vegetarian, extra bacon on the first half, extra pineapple on the second half – no problem! Offer as many or as few options and variations as you like and customise per menu item. We’ll never lock you into any preset options!

Easy to use Menu Builder

The YQme Menu Builder is versatile and fully-featured without being complicated.

  • edit your menu at any time of the day or night
  • edit your specials on the fly
  • menu item day of the week availability
  • limit the time an item is available until
    (great for breakfast items)
  • menu item preparation time
  • unlimited sizes and other variations
  • unlimited extra options
    (eg. milk type, extra sandwich fillings etc)
  • limit extra options by menu groups or menu items
  • limit the amount an item can be ordered per day
  • hide menu items temporarily when unavailable
  • set a maximum total for priced options

    eg. burger = $5, + pineapple $1, + bacon $1, + egg $1, maximum price = $7.50

  • apply discounts for combination deals

    eg. burger + chips + drink = -$1.50 deduction

  • import and export menu spreadsheets for bulk changes and initial setup
  • offer free or discounted items when conditions are met (see Deals and Promotions)
  • your imagination is the limit!

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