Anonymous Ordering

Your customers don't have to sign up to order from you

Most online services make you hand over a lot of personal information just so that you can use their products. We don’t think this is necessary!

Some customers don’t want to have to remember yet another username and password, let alone give away all their details to someone they don’t know, just to order their morning coffee.

YQme’s anonymous ordering allows customers to checkout as a guest. That means no name, address, birth date or any other probing questions.

Customers simply order using any name they choose and pay by credit card anonymously. We do ask them to leave their number in case you need to contact them (like if you’ve run out of something they’ve ordered) and they can leave their email address if they want us to send them a tax invoice, but we don’t store these details. And we never store any credit card information.

Of course, customers can sign up or login to take advantage of great bonuses like:

  • loyalty cards
  • discounts and specials
  • saving favourites
  • one-click re-ordering

Ready to get started? Need more information? Get in touch!