Deals and Promotions

Easily offer loyalty cards and other discounts to your customers

Everyone loves a bargain and your customers are no exception. Now you can easily offer special deals and incentives to keep them coming back.

Loyalty Cards

Throw away your old stamps and punchcards and let YQme do the work for you. You’ll have full control over what items are free for your customers under what conditions.

Got paper loyalty cards in circulation? Ask us how we can help you convert them to online.

Buy X, Get Y Free

Offer your customers a free item when they purchase another item. You control which item and how many times it can be redeemed.


  • Buy a large pizza, get a free garlic bread
  • Buy a sandwich, get a free soft drink
  • Buy a cake, get a free coffee

Spend X, Get Y

This is a great one for those who offer free items for orders over a certain amount.


  • Orders over $30 receive a free 1.25L soft drink
  • Orders over $40 receive a free fried rice

First Item Free

Offer your customers an item free the first time they order it online. You’ll have complete control over which item and how many times it can be redeemed.


  • First Coffee Free to all customers
  • First Coffee Free for the first 50 customers only

% Off First Order

Offer a discount off the total of the first online order for each customer.

Coupon / Promo Codes

Reward loyal customers or give new customers incentive to order more by creating coupon codes. Codes can be single or multiple use – the parameters are all up to you!

The possibilities are endless! We can customise a promotion to suit most situations.

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