Flexible Order Collection Options

Offer a number of ways for your customers to collect their orders. Even take table bookings!

Pickup or Delivery

Pickup is enabled by default. You can optionally add delivery and configure your delivery hours if you offer it.

** Dine-in option coming soon!

Delivery Zones and Minimum Orders

Allocate as many different delivery zones as you need and optionally assign a delivery fee to each one. You can even set the minimum order amount required for deliveries to be enabled.

  • unlimited delivery zones
  • delivery fees
  • minimum delivery amount

Collection Time

We know that some items on your menu can take longer to prepare than others and some times of the day are just busier. Factors that influence collection time:

  • menu item delay
  • order delay
  • time of day delay
  • delivery time
  • opening and delivery hours

Eg. A pizza is ordered Friday night at 6pm. Based on your delay settings for that day, time and order, YQme calculates the preparation time is 30 minutes. The customer can nominate any time after 6:30pm to collect their pizza. The chosen time will be printed on the order so you’ll know exactly when to have it ready for them.

Table Bookings

Put the time-consuming phone calls in the past and let your customers book a table with you online at any time of the day. The booking will be printed just like a normal order (requires YQme Printer).

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