Simple Control Panel

The YQme Control Panel is simple and easy to use. There's no room for complicated here.

Your Site

  • shop contact details
  • shop description and categories
  • opening hours
  • delivery hours
  • holidays
  • time of day delays
  • logo and images
  • social networks

Menu Builder

  • add, duplicate and delete menus
  • import and export spreadsheets for bulk changes and initial setup
  • add and edit menu groups, items, variations and extra options quickly and easily, as often as you like
  • limit the amount any item can be ordered
  • limit an item’s availability by time and day of week
  • set extended menu item preparation times (great for corporate platters)
  • hide menu items temporarily when unavailable
  • set a maximum total for priced options

    eg. burger = $5, + pineapple $1, + bacon $1, + egg $1, maximum price = $7.50

  • apply discounts for combination deals

    eg. burger + chips + drink = -$1.50 deduction

More about the YQme Menu Builder

Order and Customer Reports

  • see statements and download pdfs
  • search orders and statements by date
  • see orders in detail
  • see customers and what they’ve ordered
  • see customers’ number of orders, average order amount, total spend, first and last order date and more

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